Zina Rae Brownlee

Author of Razel's Magic

Open your heart and look:
Magic is every where!

Excerpt from Chapter one. Home Coming Uncle Ryan patted me on the head with his large beefy, work worn hand. “We missed you too, especially when it comes time to milk Betsy. She has to be the most cantankerous old heifer that Pa has. Why he keeps her around I haven’t a clue.” I smiled “If you were nicer to her she would be nicer to you. She understands what you are saying, you know.” Uncle Ryan “Sweetie, I believe that you have a calming effect on the animals, I just don’t buy into all this family hocus pocus junk. This is the 20th century after all! If out side people knew the wacky ideas this family has, we would be the laughing stock of the town.”

Once Upon a Time
Chapter Two:

Follow in the adventure as Razel's Grandmother weaves the rich history of the family ways!
Excerpt from Chapter: Grandma was peering into a large book that looked to be very old. As we came in Grandma looked up and smiled. She then gestured for us to set down at the table. She said, “I trust all is well at the dairy and with Betsy?” I answered, “I was able to talk to Betsy just a little bit before Aunt Dana came and told us to come back. Think I was able to smooth things over with Betsy and Uncle Ryan before we left.” Grandma asked “And, what was the problem with Betsy and Ryan?” I answered, “Betsy was upset that Uncle Ryan was distracted and she said that his hands were cold.”

A wonderfull story
Razel's Magic

This a awesome read you will be caught up in a adventure rich in history, laughter and wisdom, family values and entertainment. Razel's Magic will keep you eagerly waiting for the next turn in the story. Rich in character very easy to relax and let the story help you again find the Magic in life.