- Lead Developer -


I am a lead developer at fullstackwebdesign.net also a CompTIA A+ certified technician.

Fullstackwebdesign is a startup, and still in it's infancy. At Fullstackwebdesign.net we realize that our customers are our greatest asset. Nothing feels quite like a successful site launch, and the excitement and look of satisfaction on a customers face. This is what makes the work worth while to me. the greatest payoff is knowing we have added something of value to the internet also. All of the people that visit our pages are greatly appreciated too. For there time and effort. I am very gratefull all of you make it possible for me to participate in this. Thank you.



  • Linux
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • JQuery


  • A+ certification
  • Stanford statement of a accomplishment
  • Free Code Camp 311 points
  • Codecademy 1586 points 103 badges